Social Media Message November 28, 2023

Dear Cam, 

Today, after court, I found myself drawn back to that special place, not once but three times. It seems to be becoming a sanctuary for me, a place where I feel closer to you, Cam. Each time, I drove up the street, parked the car, and walked the path wishing we could walk together, speaking into the silence, hoping somehow you’d answer back.

I keep asking, out loud sometimes, for you to tell me what happened. To help me understand, to give me some sign that you’re still here with us, in some way. It’s hard not to get an answer, to only hear the echo of my own voice and the rustle of the leaves underfoot. But I’ll keep coming back, as often as it takes.

Longing to have coffee chats, just you and me, talking about everything and nothing. So, I bring my coffee, sit at your corner, and talk to you. I talk about the day, about what’s happening in the world, about how much I miss you. And I listen, hoping that maybe, just maybe, I’ll hear your voice in my heart.

I’ll keep visiting, son. I’ll keep talking and listening. And maybe, one day, I’ll feel your voice, not as an echo in my ears, but as a whisper in my heart, telling me what I need to hear, helping me find peace in all the unanswered questions.

Until then, I’ll hold onto the love, the memories, and the hope that you’re at peace, watching over us. And I’ll keep coming back, coffee in hand, ready for our talks, ready to feel close to you again.

With all my love,