Programs & Services

A Beacon of Hope & Solidarity For All

Educational Initiatives at Cam’s Club

Awareness Workshops and Seminars
  • Objective: To provide comprehensive knowledge about the signs, consequences, and resources related to domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse.
  • Impact: These workshops aim to equip individuals with the necessary tools to recognize and respond to these issues in their lives or within their community.
Community Talks and Storytelling Sessions
  • Objective: To offer a platform for survivors, professionals, and advocates to share their stories, fostering a sense of solidarity and understanding.
  • Impact: Storytelling humanizes the often statistical nature of these issues, creating a powerful emotional connection and a call to action.
Educational Materials and Online Resources
  • Objective: To develop and distribute informative content through brochures, videos, and interactive online resources for wider accessibility.
  • Impact: These materials serve as a constant source of support and guidance, helping to educate individuals at their own pace and comfort.


Youth Engagement Programs
  • Objective: To engage with schools and youth organizations, providing age-appropriate education on healthy relationships, self-care, and coping mechanisms.
  • Impact: Early intervention and education can pave the way for healthier future generations, more aware of the issues and better equipped to deal with them.


Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Objective: To conduct targeted campaigns during key months such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and Addiction Awareness Month.
  •  Impact: These campaigns amplify the conversation around these pivotal issues, reaching a broader audience and mobilizing public action.


Through these initiatives, Cam’s Club seeks to create a ripple effect of knowledge and compassion that can help break the cycles of abuse, support mental health recovery, and counteract the stigma surrounding substance abuse. Education, for us, is the beacon that lights the way to a more understanding and supportive community.

Support Resources for Those Affected by Domestic Violence, Addiction, and Mental Health Issues

At Cam’s Club, providing comprehensive support resources is critical to our mission. Here’s a guide to the resources we offer and facilitate for individuals facing domestic violence, addiction, and mental health challenges:

Counseling and Therapy Referrals

Connections to trusted mental health professionals for private counseling.

Partnerships with local therapists who specialize in domestic violence, addiction, and trauma.

24/7 Helpline and Warmline

Connections to an around-the-clock helpline staffed with trained volunteers to offer immediate assistance, guidance, or just a listening ear.

Online Support Groups

Moderated forums and virtual meetings where individuals can share experiences and find peer support in a safe environment.

Legal Aid and Advocacy

Information on legal rights and options for survivors of domestic violence.

Referrals to legal professionals who can provide legal aid services for cases related to our core issues.

Crisis Intervention Services

Rapid response resources for individuals in immediate danger or crisis.

Collaboration with local authorities to ensure a safe and supportive intervention process.

Educational Workshops and Events

Regularly scheduled educational events that provide information on coping strategies, self-care, and resilience building.

Resource Library

A curated selection of books, articles, videos, and other media on related topics is available for free.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Programs

Links to reputable recovery centers and programs for individuals struggling with addiction.

Support navigating the options and finding a program suited to individual needs.

Emergency Shelter Coordination

Assistance in finding immediate shelter options for those escaping domestic violence for men as well as women.

Partnership with local shelters to provide a safe haven when needed.

Community Workshops

On-site workshops focusing on building life skills, job readiness, and other empowering tools for independence.

Outreach and Prevention Programs

Community-based programs aimed at preventing domestic violence and substance abuse through education and early intervention.

Financial Assistance Information

Information on financial aid for those fleeing abuse or seeking treatment for addiction or mental health issues.

Food Security Programs

Connection with local food banks to provide these resources to the community. 

Coordination of Soup Kitchens to provide regular hot meals to those who cannot afford them. 

At Cam’s Club, we understand that navigating these complex issues requires a multifaceted approach, and we strive to offer a holistic suite of resources to support healing and empowerment. Our goal is to ensure that no one walks their path alone and that everyone has access to the support they need to move towards a brighter, safer future.