Is My Relationship Bad for Me?


Sometimes, we are in relationships that make us feel bad or scared. This can happen with a partner, family member, or friend. It’s important to know if this is happening to us.


Signs of a Bad Relationship:


  1. Hurting You: If someone hits you, pushes you, or hurts you in any way.
  2. Making You Feel Bad: They might say mean things, make you feel stupid, or always blame you.
  3. Controlling You: They tell you what to do, who to see, or check your phone.
  4. Scaring You: You feel scared to say or do things because of how they will react.


What to Do if You’re in a Bad Relationship:


  1. Know It’s Not Okay: Understand that it’s not okay for someone to treat you this way.
  2. Talk to Someone: Tell a friend, family member, teacher, or someone you trust.
  3. Make a Plan: If you decide to leave, think about a safe way to do it. Maybe have a friend help you.
  4. Get Help: There are people and places that help those in bad relationships. Find a local group or hotline to call.


How to Stay Safe in the Future:


  1. Take Care of You: After leaving a bad relationship, do things that make you feel good and safe.
  2. Learn the Signs: Know what a bad relationship looks like so you can avoid it next time.
  3. Set Your Rules: Decide what you are okay with in a relationship and what you are not.
  4. Trust Yourself: If you feel like something is wrong in a new relationship, it’s okay to leave.


Remember, you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. If a relationship doesn’t make you feel safe and happy, it’s okay to ask for help and make a change.