Friendship Membership

A Beacon of Hope & Solidarity For All

Friendship Membership

Cam’s Club introduces a “Pay as You Wish Friendship Membership”, inviting everyone to join our community, regardless of financial means.

This membership embodies our belief in accessibility and inclusivity, allowing you to contribute in a way that feels right to you.

Your support enables us to continue our work on critical issues like domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse, honouring the legacy of Cameron Metson-Stewart.

Join us in building a legacy of compassion and understanding, where your presence and contribution help foster a sanctuary for hope and healing.

Your Pathways to Friendship Membership

There are two welcoming paths to join as a Cam’s Club Friendship Member:

1. You can opt for a monthly donation of any amount you choose, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

2. Select a one-time donation option, contributing whenever you feel moved to do so, in any amount that resonates with you.

What benefits await you as a Cam’s Club Friendship Member? 

Acknowledgment: Your name will be honoured among our valued supporters on the organization’s website, celebrating your commitment to our cause.

Gratitude Post: We will share a special thank-you post on our social media platforms, publicly acknowledging your generous support and spreading the word of your kindness.

Newsletter Mention: Receive recognition in our newsletter, where we highlight the incredible contributions of our community members, including yours.

Welcome to a community where your value is not measured by what you give but by your willingness to stand with us.


Welcome to Cam’s Club!

Alternative Payment Methods

We understand the importance of convenience and comfort in supporting our cause. If you’d like to become a Cam’s Club Friendship Member but prefer not to use a card for payment, we warmly welcome contributions via eTransfer. This method ensures a secure and direct way to join our community without the need for traditional card payments.

To arrange your membership contribution via eTransfer, please send payment directly to our Treasurer at Our team will provide you with all the necessary details to complete your transaction smoothly and securely.

Your generosity and support fuel our mission, and we’re here to facilitate your contribution in the way that best suits you.